Use discretion :)

When dismissing someone due to inactivity, send a nice email to let them know it's not personal, and they are very welcome back in the guild if they return.

Here's the email I used to send to people.

I don't want your resources to go to waste, so I'm letting people farm you.

If you get back online, drop me a line and I'll let you back in the guild ASAP.

Hope all is good!

How to contribute.

click on - guild - build guild - scroll down to one of the buildings that has "Invested: Yes" beside it - click on build - pick a hero you want to get some XP - then confirm

High contributers that have gone inactiveEdit

Crashdown, 7800

Mail to send to a guildmate when someone from another guild politely asks to farmEdit

I said he could do it if
- your main was full
- he only did 1/day

so that you would still have close to full res when you return.
If you get back and want him to stop, let me and him know.

Mail to people who apply to MC directing them to BC

You might want to consider joining Bad Company. Our guilds are sister guilds, i.e. more joined than just allies. People move back and forth between the two guilds, with them having slightly more lower famed people. You're not quite high enough fame for me to move someone over there right now.