We hope to take one soon :). To be specific, Sat Jan 15 at 1900 we'll start attacking.

Our target is Brillheart, coords 1299,3796

The windows for attack are 1800-2300 server time Thursdays and Saturdays. We plan to keep declaring until it's ours.

We still have a fair bit to learn about what is involved. We plan on testing some things as we start.

Who's targetting what?Edit

Assuming the castellans don't reset, here's the line up:

E3, 150 SPD


- sub theding

E4, 160 SPD, all melee

- glmantra

E5, 170 SPD, all melee


-Saint Ajora

W2, 150 SPD

- theding

W3, 160 SPD

W4, 170 SPD, all melee

W5, 180 SPD, all melee

S5, 235 SPD, all melee

N1, 190 SPD

- DxD

N2, 200 SPD

- DxD

N3, 210 SPD

N4, 220 SPD, all melee

N5, 230 SPD, all melee

Interior, 250 SPD, all melee

- Governator

Things we knowEdit

- stuff on

- scout trick seems to work well. VA did theirs and most people had 1 stack of ranged and 6 of scouts. This was even against very fast enemy heros.

- it looks like there is only *one* stack of enemies of each type, so scout trick works really well.

Things we don't knowEdit

- can you partially kill and get through

- do the gate heros stay dead

- do killed enemy units stay dead?

- How are the stacks arranged (can you get 7 stacks)?

- Do the stack arrangements stay the same if you return?