We currently have the following titles. They are in a position of

Crew Member, had above half the average contribution when guild got to lvl 10

Organ Donor, had above the average contribution at lvl 10

Top 5 donors at lvl 10 get personalized titles.

Gladiator, for a top 10 arena showing in a contest

Assassin, for defending a guildie in war.

Diplomat, for someone who earns it :)

Talent Scout, for recruiting people to the guild

Nerd, for helping a lot with either me or my mom

Depunator, for being a deputy governator :)

Guild Leader, whoever is the guild leader according to the game

Note, the following is the old system

Since there is a limit on how many different titles can be handed out in a guild, we can no longer give anyone an original title. Now if you want a title, you will have to either pick one of the ones that's already taken and convince them to let you use the title as well (maybe they'll give you some sort of task to prove your worth =D), or convince someone who has one to change theirs. In either case, let Governator know and he'll do the switch.

Current Original Title Holders

¤BlackArrow¤ - Marksman

Lal - Hermes

Dslayer - Nerd anyone that wants just ask


Relictus - One-Eye

SaintAjora - Ivory Hunter

ShadeRiser - Gladiator

shadowknight - Chat Fiend

Skarp - Retainer

Skitz - Psychiatrist

Sleep - Sleep King

Society - Talent Scout

theding - Minotauro

Eliza - Pirate Queen

New [Achievement] TitlesEdit

This will be a section in progress.

Godslayer - Killed all 3 bosses.

Bosslayer - Killed a boss.

Gladiator - Scored in the top 10 arena.

Champion - Scored in the top 10 personal rank.

Warmonger - Scored in the top 10 aftermath.

Assassin - PK a force equal to or greater than yours on the world map.

Talent Scout - Recruit 5 or more members.

Diplomat - Settle some major dispute witnessed by Gov or a Deputy.

New Member - A new member!

Veteran - A long term member. (maybe Crew Member or Shipmate).

Knight - Successfully defend someone's c2 with a group defense.

Legend - Top 10 fame.

Hero - Top 100 fame.

Donor - High donation total. (possibly Organ Donor for very high contributions)

? - Deputy. (possibly Depunator)

? - Wiki contributor. (possibly Nerd, or librarian)

?? - Chat fiend. For keeping the guild chat going in times of quiet.

?? - Troublemaker. We have a lot of these ... just need to think of an appropriate way of earning it that doesn't put the guild in too much trouble.

?? - Trainer. For someone who passes on lots of advice.