An Orc castle held by Wizarblue of DarkAngel (formerly my secondary):

1977, 3154

PLEASE check it when you have time and if it's out of protection, hit it HARD.

I had him ambushed as he was leaving the castle and killed his entire force (5.2 million worth of GDs) sending it to that castle's infirmary. So, there a chance to PERMAKILL units that we MUSTN'T miss. I'd have done it myself, but he diploed and I want us not to miss the chance when he loses the protection. Wizarblue diploed around 15:30 server time (May 26th), currently unknown if he used 6- or 24-hour diplo card. Check if his buddies are group defending before you rush in, though.



Note from green : citrusut is defending with 888 LK (3 stacks) 300 priests (1 stack) 731 GDs (3 stacks)


I've killed Citrusut's defending army and taken the castle. 1000 GDs hopefully permakilled. Hua