About the Farm ListEdit

Try to only hit 1/day. Better for you, better for them if they return.

I've only bothered to format down to 8k fame or so, if you want a farm below there, you can do the formatting yourself :)

Please don't farm one of the taken farms unless you're the person who took it. If you're done, please remove the "TAKEN by ...." text.

The FarmsEdit

Name Fame Battlements Taken?
Aoueylyi 2.2m
Lal 1.2m
penile 2m
FreakoNature 1m
chargeman 200k
Zogoth 2.3m
orcarcher 1.6m
DxD 2.8m ShadeRiser
BazookaBalls 900k
Argonth 900k ShadeRiser
Melchior 2.2m
Kiras 1.2m
greenshot 450k
RedXIII 460k
Ennead 170k
Sameer_2222 200k
m3x1c4n0 250k
SuperDuper 730k
crashdown 460k Good farm. I outfamed him. ShadeRiser
Davian 150k
Ugar 100k
m00n3r 150k
Azohwrath 150k
deathferret 60k
lite7 600k 10/10

Good farm!

-Outfamed him, ShadeRiser

Bell 250k
Utachi 250k
Jegaggin 1000k 9/9
Naphtalie 300k
headsmasher 300k
Vozgaal 70k
Agent 150k
Guardas 600k ShadeRiser
Agaton 160k
demios 170k
slider 80k
Elmo 360k 10/10 Melchior
tairon 45k
Fagtron 108k
Azgodeth 100k Lal
WERTTY 400k Melchior
bakanandemo 136559 Woody 1
Isakaru 96213
LindsayRohan 237278 10/10(if remember right)
jiangwei 76571 7/6


baskili 80k Blackarrow
Sourgecko 52k
czay 48482
oxide 47k open-ok farm-outfamed him -woody1
h1m 45k
garr 44k
icepaladin 40758 5/6
lalipo 35k
kyled 32944 6/6
Ungaveran 44066
barbarossa 35128
elaina 28k
shadysoul 30019
Bachi 27831 1/0
szuszful 58074 1/0
pwngemstr 25020
Yardstick 22330
babyface 24341
constantine 18264 4/4
pothead 15504
naix 15326
therapist 14154

From here on they need to be checked going to continue some other time.


Formatted by: Nehpetz6 .Edit