Some War-tactics from Marina:
- Allways empty your C2's!

How to do this?: Sell your resources at a Market and buy scrolls at the Bazaar.

- Producing C2's, in war-time don't research or build, if you want to train troops do this in small stacks so if someone takes it, they take low res.

- Arrange all non-hero attached troops in C2's on Heroes! So they can't perm. kill them, (also not the Castellean).
- Defending, don't put any units but scouts and scrolls on your Castellean and Scrollbomb them when they are coming, if they attack you with an SB, use a low gold scroll, they'll just waste their AP.

- Retaking?, take one of theirs! just use a SB and sell all their resources!(Note: the 200K Force rule don't apply on player castles).

How to defend by not defendingEdit

Ok, here's the situation - you've got an enemy hero coming your way. Too strong, too far away, too inconvenient, doesn't matter - you decided to not defend. Is there anything else you can do besides selling everything and buying scrolls (which is the bare minimum you should do)?

Yes, there is. Here's what:

  1. just as enemy hero is approaching your castle, abandon it. That way, enemy will have to bother with fighthing NPC units, maybe even lose something. Maybe not, but who cares?
  2. just as the enemy is about to finish the combat, send your scout bomber (28k scroll will do if lvl1 battlements) and attack immediately. Enemy will not have time to setup a castellan, meaning there will be no defense other than battlements which you take out with scrolls. The result: you regain your c2 and enemy hero is teleported back to the originating castle (meaning he won't be able to chain-attack further castles).

Choose your target!Edit

In case you need to find some c2s to take during the current war, feel free to choose from this list.